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For Your Information

I. - A Description of Copper Red:

If you have ever been to the studio-gallery, you have likely heard the spiel on Copper Reds. If you have not, it goes like this.

I have spent six years pursuiing the elusive Copper Red. Technically my glaze is known as "Peach Blossom." This is a glaze with much character; each Bloom is unique. The "Red" varies from burgandy oxblood (most uncommon) to a rich medium red (most common). Sometimes the glaze creates a salmon purple or mauve. Pots may, after the final firing, be a mixture of these varieties. Though two pots may be on the same kiln shelf, their colors can be totally different. So, as you see, the Copper Red is highly unpredictable, but beautiful, all the same. Consequentially, the final outcome is out of my hands. Preferences can be stated but expect variations until further notice.

The most common four color variations and their names are as follows:

Ox Blood Medium Red Mauve Salmon
Ox Blood Medium Red Purple Pink

II. - Baking Precautions:

- Aviod extreme hot to cold temperature changes ie: refrigerator-to-oven, or oven-to-refrigerator
- Place pot on a baking sheet
- Do not preheat oven or exceed 350 degrees F
- Add 10 minutes to expected cooking time to compensate for not preheating.
- Place on center rack

III. - Special Orders

I'll consider special needs ie: dinner ware orders. Please call at 828.631.1582 or 1-800-484-2005 (pin #9465) or email me directly from this Web site.

Contact Information:
Mark D. Karner
The Fiery Gizzard Pottery
7749 Great Smoky Mountain Expy. (Hwy. 74)
Sylva, NC 28779
(828) 631-1582 or 1-800-484-2005 (pin #9465)
Email: mdkarner@aol.com

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